Being Who You Are 9/2016  (I'm working on this slowly but surely...........more will be added....10/24/16)

The 14 pieces on this cd were mostly written and recorded in the end of the previous cd, American Lily, I wanted to do something that was significantly different from the material on that cd...........
10 of the songs were recorded on two guitars: my 1998 Gibson Dobro(aka 'the wooden dobro') and a 2013 Paddy Burgin Weissenborn with rope binding. 

1. The Way Out is Through- Dobro - DADGCD

2. Henry Wilson Thayer - Weissenborn- C#,G#,C#, F, C, C#

3. Dance of Dewachen -Dobro -DADGCD- capoed at fourth fret

4. Gate of Ease and Joy- C#,G#,C#,G#, B, C#

5. Being Where You Are- Sears Silvertone guitar(yardsale)-Bb, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Bb 

6. Tunisian National- 1929 National Tricone - DADGCD

7. Monument to Lancaster- Weissenborn- B, F#, B, F#, A, B

8. Reality -Dobro -DGDGCD  - this piece came from working with Makam Hijaz in D, and gradually grew in to its own thing......
I tried to stay true to the Makam, and there is also a small small attempt at modulation to Nahawand/Nihavent in G........but even after 
some time with this material, I won't pretend to even know the slightest thing about it. always trying to be respectful of others cultures and traditions,
which are so often deep deep oceans, not to be taken lightly or trod upon with the white man's imperialist bravado of the amerikkkan fingerpicker. 

9. Baglia's Bounce - Weissenborn-B, F#, B, F#, A, B

10. Annapurna Devi - Dobro- DGDGCD this piece started as I was trying to play two harmonics on two
different strings at the same time.........while I was working on it, I read a very moving article about Ravi Shankar's first wife, Annapurna Devi....
there are also elements here of an old running fable, from days of yore, about certain athletes, who didn't race much, because it interfered with
their training...........which is the opposite of the way most people feel about that kind of thing. In other worlds, they are referred to as 'gym rats'.....
or, simply put, I love to practice. My practice is to practice. 

11. Being Who You Are - Sears Silvertone guitar(yardsale) Bb, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Bb 

12. Electernity - Dobro D,A,D,G,Bb,D

13. Isthmus of Ellen Schmidt - Weissenborn - C,G,C,G,C,C

14. The Bardo of Rumsfelcheney - Taylor 12 String(strung with 9 strings) D,A,D,F,A,D