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"Records are really gifts from people. To think that an artist would love you enough to share his music with anyone is a beautiful thing.

About the nicest way you can play is just for nothing. And it's not really for nothing - it's for your own personal satisfaction and other people's, rather than for any kind of financial thing.

A lot of bread hangs people up; they try too hard. You can either do something or you can TRY to do something.

Whenever you're trying to do something, you ain't doing nothing." -- Duane Allman


PASSIM 12 Hour Open Mic! 

Thursday December 22nd, noon to ?pm. 
I go on at 2pm for a short set...........all Chaturangui and only Chaturnagui. hope you can come out and join us!!
bring and instrument and sign up and play a song...........

Next LIVE show....! June 21st 

Next LIVE show TUESDAY JUNE 21st outside at the Kendall Square T stop, corner of Main st. and Broadway Cambridge Ma. 
I'll be doing a one hour set, FREE, and open to anyone.........as part of the "Passim Presents" series. 
Come on by if you're in the area, or even if you're not....

Upcoming shows! 

Got a couple of shows coming up as Open Mic Feature..................
the Open Mic was where I got my start......so open mics are near and 
dear to my heart. So I'm happy to announce I'll be at Dan Cloutier's wonderful
open mic at The Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham on Thursday 
April 21st, .................and shortly after that I will be at Mark Stepakoff's great
open mic at the Natick Center for the Arts(TCAN) on Tuesday May 10th.
More info over on the Upcoming Events page........
hope you can come out and join us, and sign up to do a song of your own........

Live on the Radio 2.27 

I'll be on the RADIO, performing LIVE on SATURDAY FEB. 27TH at 1pm.,EST
live stream only, at WWW.WUMB.ORG
or you can tune in if you live in the greater Boston area
at 91.9FM.
I'll be playing a few songs to promote the BIGSHOW
at Passim on March 19th...........
tune in if you dare.........


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