North Star - Released 8.24.19


I started recording material for this project in 2018.......the first piece I had finished was #3 "Hidden in Plain Sight"......I wasn't sure which direction things would go, but after performing at the Thousand Incarnations of the Rose Festival in Takoma Park Maryland, in April of 2018, and talking to several other people there I began to toy with the idea of stretching out the compositions, and working on some improvisation within longer and larger structures. I had some prior experience in doing this in the Indian Classical music world.......but the idea was to do something that was not Indian.....and not necessarily 'amerikkkan'....and definitely not pretend to use the term 'raga'...........



1. Boss Universal Sutra: Chaturangui - tuned DADFAD

2. Wollaston Avenue Meditation: Paddy Burgin Weissenborn - tuned CGCGAC (capo II)

3. Hidden in Plain Sight: Gibson Dobro 98 - tuned DADF#CD

4. Last Right Whale: Paddy Burgin Weissenborn - tuned CGCGBbC (capo III)

5. Baresole: Chaturangui - tuned DADFAD

6. Blues For Richard Osborn: Paddy Burgin Weissenborn - tuned C#,G#,C#,G#,A,C

7. North Star: Gibson Dobro 98 - tuned GBDGBbD