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KING BABY - Ep now available 

North Star

North Star:  
7 instrumental compositions, 2 on Chaturangui, 2 on Dobro and 3 on Weissenborn - 70 minutes total

1. The Boss Universal Sutra 11:58
2. Wollaston Avenue Meditation 7:39
3. Hidden In Plain Sight 5:26
4. Last Right Whale 12:18
5. BareSole 12:32
6. Blues For Richard Osborn 16:15
7. North Star 3:54



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North Star Tunings and more info

Being Who You Are - 14 instrumental compositions, 5 on Dobro, 5 on Weissenborn, 1 on National Steel Guitar, 2 on Sears Silvertone, and one on 9 string.......

1. The Way Out is Through
2. Henry Wilson Thayer 
3. Dance of Dewachen 
4. Gate of Ease and Joy
5. Being Where You Are
6. Tunisian National
7. Monument to Lancaster
8. Reality
9. Baglia's Bounce
10. Annapurna Devi
11. Being Who You Are
12. Electernity
13. Isthmus of Ellen Schmidt
14. The Bardo of Rumsfelcheney

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13 instrumentals featuring : Dobro, Chaturangui, Weissenborn, Oud and a tiny bit of Duduk.....70 minutes of aural enjoyment 
Recorded July-Sept. 2013 Concord Mass.

1. American Lily2. Hats Off to Tev Stevig
3. Concord Porch Swinging
4. Hijaz Samsara
5. Alcott Turns
6. Blues for Edward Powell
7. Rehabilitation of Joy
8. Farewell, Last Heath Hen (1932)
9. Reflections on Lake Dhanakosha
10. Graverobber's Delight (For Lady J.M. Smythe)
11. Brahma Viharas
12. Willful Suspension of Disbelief
13. Let Go of the Day, Every Day Let Go 

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